Research teams

PhD students

Issam Boukhennoufa2020 - PresentWearable sensor-based rehabilitation exercise assessment platform for use in stroke rehabilitation
Yucheng Wang2019 - PresentEpigenetic machine learning: utilizing DNA methylation patterns to predict age acceleration
Yufan Lu2019 - PresentSelf-adaptive embedded hardware for extreme environments

Postgraduate project students

Esmat Esha2020 - 2021Energy Aware Machine Learning Pruning Algorithm
Syed Saud Alyassa2019 - 2020Zynq SoC Based Deep Learning Network Implementation
Che Zhang2018 - 2019Deep learning algorithm for food classification application
Yimin Huang2018 - 2019A heterogonous computer vision system using Zynq SoC
Yu Mei2018 - 2019Resource-Constrained Distributed Machine Learning

Undergraduate project students

Licong Lou2020 - 2021Human pose estimation with deep learning
Zhekai Bian2020 - 2021Deep Learning Based Facial Expression Recognition System
Bochen Zhou2020 - 2021Embedded visual tracking car
Marc Mclaughlin2020 - 2021Wearable sensor-based rehabilitation for use in stroke rehabilitation
Emma Leclercq2019 - 2020Calorie tracking application
Mohamad Jad Al Khalil2019 - 2020Chip remote measurement and systems assessment
Nabilah Abd Malek2019 - 2020Gift-list organiser website for parties
Rene Solzbacher2019 - 2020Embedded computer vision using neural networks
Kyle Manning2018 - 2019Assessing blood samples for malaria
Wenqi Liu2018 - 2019Using Raspberry Pi to Control Lego Robots
Yipeng Shen2018 - 2019Human Adaptive Manipulation of Baxter Robot
Garv Sethi2018 - 2019Vehicle Tracking App – for Business and Private Use